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Raising Practices


Animal husbandry practices

Low-stress weaning, also referred to as cross fence weaning and fenceline weaning, plays a huge role in raising calves with low-stress levels. Calves are most vulnerable during weaning, which contributes to the need for antibiotics at grain-fed operations.

With low-stress weaning, we allow the calves and cows to see, hear and smell one another with only a fence in between them. Calves remain calm and find security in their familiar environment and diet. This weaning process, which is also used on our sheep, results in healthy calves that continue to grow and gain weight at healthy levels.


Beef Quality Assurance Certified

Hawley Ranch is proud to be Beef Quality Assurance certified. Through this national certification program, we have continued to use and implement proper animal welfare procedures, vaccination protocols, and educate our staff on the various health issues that face our animals. Current techniques taught by the BQA gives us the ability to provide the very best product possible while maintaining practices that benefit the animals.

Food Alliance Grass-Fed Certified

In addition to being Beef Quality Assurance certified, we are Food Alliance Grass-Fed certified. We follow the guidelines of the Food Alliance including raising our livestock on the range, allowing them to graze exclusively on grass and forage with no feed or gut additives. This certification also states that we use absolutely no antibiotics or hormones and follow the standards for safe working environments.