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Today everyone is more concerned about taking care of our planet and nurturing the gifts it provides. Hawley Ranch is equally concerned; we are committed to sustainable practices that take the area’s entire ecosystem into account.

At Hawley Ranch, we focus on the 3 W’s of sustainable farming:

1. Wildlife
2. Water
3. Welfare



Protection of Wildlife

We have a vast variety of wildlife living here on the ranch. Every animal and insect, big or small, contributes to the natural operation of the ranch. We have 40 elk living with us, bears, cougars, deer, thousands of wild turkeys, geese, heron, owls and more.

All animals on the ranch live off of the natural resources of the land. With our careful stewardship, the wildlife is able to live in their natural environment with little impact from humans.

Water Usage and Supply

At Hawley Ranch, water plays a big part in how we operate. We are always looking for ways to cut water consumption which is why we implemented a “no-till farming” technique that helps retain moisture in the soil and installed K-line irrigation. This top of the line irrigation is a New Zealand-based water delivery system called which uses half the amount of water than traditional irrigation systems.

Stewarding the Land

We consider it a privilege to tend and cultivate the land we work on. In addition to protecting wildlife and using only humane animal practices, we use compost to cut down on the amount of commercial fertilizer, plant grazing herbs that are beneficial to the soil year round, and use herds of goats for brush control instead of applying chemicals.

At Hawley Ranch, we use a rotational grazing pattern to keep the natural growth pattern in place throughout the year. We also implement multi-species graze for better plant utilization and to maintain a positive ecological balance among plant species.

Animal Welfare

Humane animal care is extremely important to us which is why we follow the practices outlined by Dr. Temple Grandin, the foremost expert on humane animal handling systems.

Our animal welfare plan includes raising animals outdoors and in their natural environment where they can express their instinctive behaviors. Animals at Hawley Ranch spend their entire lives with littermates and have continual access to food and water resources.

These methods, including gentle handling of animals with low-stress management, are just a portion of the many things we do to continually improve how animals live and are cared for at Hawley Ranch.